Sunday, January 18, 2009

Same Old, Same Old

Well, we haven't posted in a while. That's because there hasn't really been anything to tell! We spent Christmas Eve with my family (well, my dad, aunt, uncles, and cousins), and Christmas Day with Kevin's family. It was very nice and relaxing. Kevin and I bought ourselves a Christmas presents - Wii got a Wii!!! And Guitar Hero World Tour. We have been having a great time playing with it. I'm definitely getting better at guitar, but I stink at the drums.

Work has been a bit crazy. Just before Christmas, we had to move everything out of the office and into a teacher's office so they could remodel our office. Then, a couple weeks later, we had to move everything back into our new office. It looks so much better now! I can't wait til we get our new furniture and it actually looks like new office.

I've been keeping very busy with school and internship. My university supervisor came to meet with my site supervisor and I this week and it went really well. Other than that, I am learning a lot! I have a few more weeks left at RVMS, and then I will switch to a high school. I am very ready to be finished with school.

Kevin and I are starting to talk about buying a house! We kind of know where we want to look but a lot of it depends on if and where I get a counseling job. It's exciting to talk about it though!