Sunday, May 4, 2008

Family and Friends

Last weekend we traveled to Orlando for Amy's cousin Matthew's wedding. We always have fun hanging out with the family. The cousins always have a good time together. We flew in to Orlando on Thursday evening, and then went out in downtown Orlando that night. That was definitely an experience - much different than going out in CO. Friday, Amy went with her dad, sister, cousin, aunt, and uncle to Cocoa Beach, about an hour drive from Orlando. The beach was amazing, with really warm water and fun waves! Everyone got very sunburned though. Meanwhile, Kevin went golfing with three of Amy's cousins, which he loved. The wedding was on Saturday, and it was a very nice ceremony and reception. It was a short trip to Florida, but we had a great time!

This week was very busy for both of us, so we have enjoyed a nice, relaxing weekend this weekend. Friday, we went to dinner and came home and went to bed (before 10!). Saturday, we slept in and got some stuff done around the house. Then we went down to Highlands Ranch to spend a little time with Amy's parents. After that, we went to Amy's friend Danica's house. She and her family just moved back to Colorado from Idaho, and Amy is so excited that they are back! Danica made dinner for us and we played some games. We were also very entertained by her son, Jensen, who is a very energetic two year old! Her daughter Lily is an adorable little baby. It was very fun to spend time with them, and hopefully we'll be able to do this more in the future! Today we went out to breakfast and then helped Kevin's parents move some stuff out of their townhome. They are getting ready to sell it, so they need to keep it clean now.

The school year is winding down for Kevin, now. His last concert is this week, and then it should be much less stressful for him. Amy is still working hard in school. Now that she is taking two classes at once, she has much less free time. She'll be done with classes sooner, and she is very excited about that!