Monday, June 30, 2008


We got a new car!!! We had been talking about it for awhile and last weekend we finally went out looking. We went to the Ford Dealership and got super lucky because they had a used 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid (only 3800 miles on it!). We really wanted a small SUV, and a hybrid would have been great, except there is over a year waiting list on the new hybrids. Apparently, we have great timing and were able to get this used one (which is practically new anyways). AND it's a hybrid and gets great gas mileage. We're pretty excited about it!

Not much else to report! Amy is loving watching the swimming Olympic Trials on TV! We're gearing up for the weekend-of-weddings this weekend.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup 2008

For those who don't know, Kevin's family is pretty huge into Ford Mustangs. Kevin's little sister drives a '67 Mustang, Kevin drives a '67 Mustang, Kevin's dad has a '67 Mustang convertible AND a 2007 Mustang. They are all very pretty cars. Every year, they go up to a Mustang show in Steamboat Springs - the Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup. There are over 550 Mustangs up there. I am not into cars at all, but it really is fun to go up there and see all the cars. This was my third time joining them on their trip. This year, they took the '67 convertible and the 2007 Mustang. Kevin's dad got the CU Buff Club to sponsor the event, so they used their 2007 mustang (which is black with gold stripes) as a "sponsor car". They put the CU magnets on the side. It was pretty neat. They told us to wear CU stuff so we could match the car.
So we drove up to Steamboat Springs on Friday morning. That afternoon, they have an autocross, so basically, they set up a race track in a parking lot. Then the cars drive around the track really fast, racing the clock for the best time. I got to ride with Kevin while he drove a couple times. It is really fun to do that, but it's kind of scary to squeal around those corners so fast! Here is us getting ready to go for our first run:

And here we go!!

The show was on Saturday morning. After we had looked at all the shiny cars, we walked down to the Yampa River, which was running really high! It made me want to go rafting or swimming, or ANYTHING in the water. The water was very cold, probably about 40 degrees!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Still busy

Long time no post! We really do not have a ton to report. Kevin just finished out the school year and is now on summer break. Amy is still working hard in school. After next week, she will only be taking one class at a time. That will be a nice break! She's very excited because she found out where she will be doing one of her internships in fall. I'll be working with a good family friend, Karen Robinson, at Ranch View Middle School in Highlands Ranch, beginning in September or October. I'm so excited. I know that I am going to learn so much from her.

Other than that, Kevin and I have been apartment hunting. We want to move father south so we are in more of a "middle ground" between Lakewood, where Kevin works, and Boulder, where I work. We were also looking to save a bit of money each month, but also get a bigger place. We know that prices go down the farther we get from Boulder. We were trying to find a two bedroom place with a washer/dryer. After having a washer/dryer, I don't think I could part with that luxury. It took a while, but on Saturday we found a place that we love! It's in Westminster, it's a two bedroom, two bathroom place, and is about $100 cheaper a month than we're paying now! We can begin moving in on July 5 (though we'll probably push that back a bit as that is the weekend-o-weddings for us). We're very excited! It's not too far from where we are now, but far enough that it will make a difference.

When we were driving home to our current place from our new place, we passed Rocky Mountain Metro Airport, which is very close to both places. We didn't know it, but there was an airshow going on. The whole car ride home, we were able to watch an F-16 do tricks! It was like a constant flyover. The tricks continued for about an hour. This is a picture I took from our patio. There is an F-16 and an older plane. They were closer than this picture makes it look.
It was a fun treat for our Saturday afternoon! Free tickets to an airshow, and we could watch the whole thing from out patio. Very Cool. Next up: The Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup in Steamboat Springs. We'll be heading up there Friday and Saturday of this week. I'll post pictures soon!